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Who we are

We're a team of innovative people, passionate about learning and development. We love challenging the status quo and disrupting the learning and development space for the greater good!

And we've all had our fair share of ordinary learning experiences that left us feeling a little like this...


So, we make it our mission to make people feel like this instead.

The full story

From all of our unique life experiences, particularly those involving disappointment and frustration with ineffective learning, emerged a common theme: curiosity and tenacity brought us here.

What it boiled down to, was that each of us was tired of the same old lather-rinse-repeat or tick-and-flick approach to learning;
we want to be better and do better for ourselves and our business, just as much as we want to empower other people and businesses in doing the same. 

And, when we couldn’t find this elsewhere?
We took matters into our own hands. 


A curious mind searches for change, a tenacious mind creates an opportunity and acts.

Where curiosity and tenacity forged our paths,
like-mindedness ensured they aligned.

The result?
We are able to bring together the best of education, consulting, neuroscience, design-thinking, behavioural science, and technology to any challenge, big, small, or somewhere in between.

We are V Training Australia.



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